My Boyfriend Did a Lush Haul…

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (CANON EOS 700D) // all rights reserved

I didn’t really want to use the word ‘haul’ in a post because I hate the idea of hauling and buying loads of crap you don’t necessarily need. HOWEVER Ash was a total babe the other day and popped into Lush for a few (totally necessary) items to cheer me up. He knows what I like and usually gets me my old favourites but this time I trusted him to pick out some things all by himself. Here’s what he bought…


S A K U R A   B A T H   B O M B

Sakura is the first bomb I’ve tried from Lush that doesn’t actually have any effect on how the bath looks. It’s a neutral bomb that fizzes out leaving the water ever so slightly cloudy for a few minutes before settling down to normal. What it does impress with though is it’s fragrant and floral scent which is very reminiscent of a high-end perfume. It contains Jasmine Oil and Orange Flower to calm and was inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossom. If you’re looking for a luxury bomb then this is the one for you, just mix with a bubble bar for the perfect Lush bath.

(£3.50)  – ★★★☆☆



C R E A M Y    C A N D Y   B U B B L E   B A R

I cannot believe I’ve never tried this bubble bar before, it smells just like our Christmas favourite Snow Fairy! The scent is simply Candy Floss which is sweet and comforting. The bar itself is loaded with almond oil and cocoa butter leaving a layer of velvety oil to soften the skin. It’s easily a new favourite of mine and I really wish I’d picked one up sooner!

(£2.95) – ★★★



T H E   E X P E R I M E N T E R   B A T H   B O M B

I’ve used the Experimenter a whole bunch of times as I am just so drawn to the bright colours and the shape of it and the fact that is has actual popping candy inside. This bomb has five different colours in it and boasts the scent of Vanilla and Tonka. Heaven!

(£4.25) – ★★★





B R I G H T S I D E    B U B B L E   B A R

I’ve always been a big fan of the giant swirly bubble bars, especially the comforter and I was certainly not disappointed with the bright citrus scent and sheer number of bubbles this thing created. Bubble bars are always that little bit more pricey but it’s worth it for a product you can get several baths out of. I find that as long as the taps are on at full force, I only need a tiny slice of bubble bar to create mountains of bubbles!

(£4.95) – ★★★★☆




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  1. I’ve never tried any lush products. I will be honest – never did much with beauty or skin care besides what I found at the grocery/drug stores. Lol. Now, I really want to try some of these.
    I’ll have to look out for the Sakura bath bomb and creamy candy bubble bar…
    Lovely pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love spoiling you with lush things every now and again. The smile on your face is worth more than all the money in the world, it brightens up my day, instantly! I love you


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