Project 333; A Minimalist Fashion Challenge 

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (CANON EOS 700D) // all rights reserved



33 items, 3 months

Originating from a blogger over at Be More With Less, Project 333 is designed to ensure we start making the most of the clothes we already have. Do you often find that you have “nothing” to wear despite a wardrobe full of clothes?

We struggle to find what to wear because we have too many pieces in our wardrobes therefore too much choice. But it often feels like too little choice because we are unhappy with many of the items we own.

This is down to fast fashion; the culture we live in where there are 52 seasons a year and our clothes feel out-of-style the moment we get them home from the shop. It is much more so ethical to buy clothes that are your style rather than in fashion, things that are timeless and that go with everything else you own.

Project 333 is a vow to cut your wardrobe down to just 33 pieces and for those 33 pieces to be the only items you wear for the next 3 months.

All the pieces which you choose not to include need to be stored out of sight and not accessed until the end of the three months. This will help you to decide what pieces you really need in your wardrobe and which pieces are just a waste of space. Once the three months are up, you can either reshuffle your 33 pieces to suit the season ahead or create yourself a slightly larger capsule” wardrobe to work with.





The 33 items includes shoes, scarves & accessories and in this sense I have cheated. My Project 333 wardrobe comprises of 33 items of clothing only, shoes, bags and scarves have been left out however I have minimised my selection of those too (1 scarf, 2 bags, 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of trainers.) This is because when I was arranging everything I really just could not cutting down further and I said to myself that I’d rather adjust the project to be realistic for me than get three weeks in and give up all together. I have self discipline but I also have a working wardrobe which is very smart and a casual one with is full of ripped tees and jeans that can’t be worn at work. I need some variety (and vest tops to wear under my work shirts!)

People who have completed the project feel surprised that nobody noticed their small wardrobe and re-use of items but I feel like nobody will pick up on it because they’re not really paying much attention to what I wear in the first place.

What’s more interesting about people who have taken part in Project 333 is how it made them feel. They reported feelings of relief, calm, confidence and happiness. The stress of making the decision of what to wear was practically gone and the self-consciousness about how they looked went away.





I created my wardrobe at the beginning of the month and I am already reaping the benefits of a wardrobe in which every single item is a favourite piece.

I’ve put together a list of my wardrobe to refer back to when purchasing new pieces in the spring. My ultimate plan is to create a streamlined capsule wardrobe which encompasses my style while remaining simple, durable and versatile. Each season will bring on 2 new purchases (following the one in one out rule) and a few swap-ins which will be carefully thought out.


  1. Grey long blazer coat
  2. Grey blazer
  3. Checked tunic dress
  4. Black bodycon dress
  5. Black short cardigan
  6. Green short cardigan
  7. Black V-Neck jumper
  8. Black jumper with white collar
  9. Green sleeveless shirt
  10. Black sleeveless shirt
  11. Green khaki shirt
  12. Black turtleneck top
  13. White/Navy Breton
  14. Black vest top
  15. Grey vest top
  16. Black/White heart print bodycon skirt
  17. Black bodycon skirt
  18. Black straight cut work trousers
  19. Faux leather jacket
  20. Faux sheepskin lined denim coat
  21. Big grey Zara jumper
  22. Adidas paisley jacket
  23. Stripey green, black and yellow jumper
  24. Peppered grey cardigan
  25. Peppered grey t-shirt
  26. Green ripped tshirt
  27. Oversized grey vest
  28. Oversized black tshirt
  29. Black/White baseball top
  30. TMNT Raphael’s Pizza t-shirt
  31. Ripped black jeans
  32. Plain black jeans
  33. Plain black jeans…again




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