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It’s official, I became a mermaid.

Well, my hair became mermaid like and that’s basically the same thing so yeah. I felt like my hair was so boring and flat and now it’s bright and multi-tonal and I can’t stop singing “down there it’s better, down there it’s wetter, under the seaaaa!”

I had brightly coloured hair in my late teens and I made literally every mistake possible. I ended up having to cut my hair really short (I literally styled it as a mohawk lol) because it all broke off. There were tears. A lot of tears.

These days my hair is a teal green. I use a variety of Crazy Colour shades to mix my favourite green (Pine Green, Blue Jade and Peacock Blue) on top of bleached white hair.


But hey ho I learned my lessons and those lessons went something like this…



DON’T put bleach directly onto damaged hair or hair with lots of dark/permanent product build up.

DO apply Colour B4  or another colour remover to get rid of product build up and make your hair closer to your lighter, natural colour (if you have previously used colourant on your hair.)

DON’T wash your hair for the days leading up to the bleach. Letting the natural oils build up minimises damage and you can even smother your hair in coconut oil the night before bleaching to act as a protective layer.

DO cut a strand of hair from the nape of your head and test the colour on it to see if it takes. If not, try bleaching a strand and find out how long you’ll need to bleach for. Again, see if the colour takes.




DON’T just go for the strongest bleach they stock, if you only need to lift a few shades then go for the lowest percentage peroxide possible.

DO tone your hair if it comes out brassy. I used an Aqua toner on my hair because I ‘ve taken it to a teal colour but if you’re going blonde or pink you’ll need a purple/white toner.

DON’T leave bleach on your hair for longer than 40 minutes at a time. Bleach can only take your hair 4 shades lighter no matter how long you leave it and if you leave it on too long it will literally feel like straw.

DO let your hair rest after bleaching, it’s best not to apply heat and add insult to injury. Let your hair naturally dry and if possible wait a few days between bleaches if you’ve done more than one.

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DON’T shampoo your hair directly after colouring, you need to let it sit for a good few days before any shampoo is applied.

DO wear a pair of gloves even when washing the dye off, nobody wants blue fingernails.

DON’T let any dye drip on your bedding, carpets or clothes, ensure the surrounding area is covered with old towels or newspapers to avoid crying over your favourite blazer.

DO rub vaseline on your ears, neck and forehead to act as a barrier and stop staining in these areas.


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DON’T wash your hair too often or with hot water, this can lead to much faster fading. I try to wait 48-72 hours between washes and Batiste dry shampoo is my best pal.

DO use colour friendly hair products like these shampoos from The Body Shop. Products containing alcohol will strip the dye out.

DON’T re-bleach your whole head when your roots grow out, you’ll completely frazzle the middle and ends of your hair and before long it will crumble off.

DO take extra care with your coloured hair and be sure to apply heat protection, avoid sun damage and look after your beautiful mermaid locks!



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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! You’re literally my hero! I’ve dyed my hair every single colour possible growing up and after leaving it for so long I’m dying it lilac/purple in the next few weeks and this has helped so so much!


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