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My dad always used to say to me as a teenager that I was the most impatient person he’d ever known. When I decided I wanted something, I could not wait. I had to have it straight away. We live in a culture of instant gratification; we want something, we go and get it. We buy things on credit if we don’t have the money instead of saving up ourselves and getting the sense of achievement that comes from a long-term purchase.

Part of minimalism is to not only about identifying what things we truly want or need but also about slowing down and being patient. I wanted a Cluse watch for almost a year and it was one of the most satisfying feelings to actually wait for something I wanted and then finally get it.

This wishlist is not about things I am going to buy, it’s about things that I currently want (although this post has been sat in my pending box for 2 months) and if I still find myself wanting them in six to twelve months time, I may very well buy them…




1. Sterling Silver Bee Necklace – £24.99

2. Sterling Silver Cross Bones Ring – £50

3. Grey Vest – £20

4. Copper Effect Lamp – £30

5. 12 Piece Nara Dining Set – £89

6. 16 Piece Gold Cutlery Set – £119


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  1. Really nice products to mention! I love the cutlery and have seen it in person, but in rose gold. I adore that lamp as well, definitely something I’d own, or like to at some point.

    – Chloe


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