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Spring is finally rearing its pretty little head and Lush invited a bunch of us along to celebrate the new season at the launch event for their latest line of products. This was the very first Lush event I’ve been able to attend and I had an absolutely bloody brilliant time!

The event started at 7pm in our local Lush and it was nice to see so many familiar faces! I met up with Hollie and Amy before hand for a bit of sushi and we all headed down together. We were all given our own Lush lanyards on arrival with our Instagram handles in typical lush blackboard style, I was even given an extra one for my plus one (I took my housemate Brian along) and they personalised his too!

The store was packed with stock and of course the most exciting of this is all the wonderful new products launched for Spring. There were plenty of products we’ve seen in previous years like the ever-popular Golden Egg which resulted in glitter EVERYWHERE. We all had it on our hands and clothes and even decided to own the look and contour our cheeks with the wonderous gold.

While browsing the products we were also looking out for little paper eggs, part of an Easter Egg Hunt which could have won us a prize but sadly didn’t as we only found two! They also had refreshments available like these little vegan bars, fresh fruit and infused water. I almost broke a tooth on the bars but they weren’t half bad for a vegan snack.

This years range of Spring products certainly didn’t disappoint and as always I found myself drawn to all the bath focused products (I much prefer baths to showers, always have always will.) I picked up a fair few of the products and a treat for B too but I had to be careful not to blow all my money at once. We also got a fair few freebies in the goody bags given to us at the end of the night which was even more generous than expected and contained full size products as well as samples.

At 7.45 the fun really got underway as we entered the upstairs of the store to have a go at making our very own Lush products! We started off by moulding up some Butter Balls (much like the Christmas favourite Butter Bear but you guessed it, in a ball.)

The staff were so welcoming and fun that we totally fell in love with them. As a regular visitor of the store I’d met  few of them before but there were some new faces there too and they were all happy to help with any queries about the products- especially Ayaaz (pictured below) who is easily the most lovable person in the whole damn city.

We also got to have a go at shaping up our own Creamy Candy bubble bars. I made a bloody massive one which I used some of shortly afterwards when I got home from the event. I love Creamy Candy as it has the signature sweet Lush scent famous from products like Snow Fairy.

Finally, we watched Cupcake Face Mask being mixed up fresh in store and all got our own pot of that to take away with us as well. We were utterly spoilt!

Things got a little messy and anyone who’s used Cupcake will know it’s fantastic chocolate smell but will also know that after being spilt on the floor it looks quite literally like dog shit. Sorry not sorry.

I had an absolute wail of a time at my first ever Lush Event and it was something B and I really needed to take our minds off our broken hearts and stressful home move. I also got to meet some bloggers who I’ve been dying to meet and made some lovely new friends which was awesome. Thanks for the invite Lush!



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