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To be a full time blogger, you have to get paid real money. Sadly, companies don’t just want to pay you to sit about in your comfiest jammies with your cat on your lap and a cup of tea writing a few hundred words a week about some candles they sent over. Companies, advertisers and PRs will however offer you big money to become a walking advertisement. An endorser, a social influencer, whatever you want to call it, it’s a walking advert. There I said it.

It’s about time we stop pussyfooting around the topic. The blogging community is somewhat sour. In the time that a lot of us have been blogging, it used to being this safe little internet space where you could review your favourite lipstick or rant about the political climate and now it’s become this scary PR focused world where you never know who’s been paid to say what. British blogger Scarphelia wrote this big long post recently about how shitty blogging became for her and why she was quitting. It’s so beautifully written I almost found myself in tears. I feel like it’s a commercialisation is this trap so many are still falling into, be them big or small bloggers.

In one of my very honest chats with Charlotte (of Discovering Charlotte & Shoestring Chic) we talked about how we won’t review products we wouldn’t buy with our own money. Generally speaking it’s polite to email the company and explain that the type of review you are willing to give having tried the product, if they still want it you to post it then post your honest review. But we know where to draw the line.

You can’t blame the young men and women who have been drawn so far into the blogging world that it’s too late to get out. If I had been approached by hundreds of PR companies and offered A WHOLE LOT of money to do what people like Zoella are doing, I probably would have jumped on board. But who wouldn’t? A girls got bills to pay.

But I think we’ve all kinda watched it happen now and we have hopefully learnt quite a lot by watching other bloggers. Is going full time the dream these days for most? No. Because we’re starting to realise that blogging isn’t this chill job that means you never have to get out of bed, it’s a daily grind like any other career.

Before you start thinking I don’t, I by all means love the blogger community so don’t take this in attack at the industry. But it has been a sour place for while and I think it’s time we all start looking at it in a more positive light.

Recently, I’ve started to throw myself back into blogging. My new role at work means I’m working by a schedule I know well in advance and means I can go to blogging events and meetups without having to worry about a last minute shift change. Our small blogging community feels close and uncomplicated right now. We are all hobby bloggers with full time jobs and as small bloggers, the majority of us are not focused solely on getting paid for clicks. We blog because we love it and because we find solace in being able to share our experiences with the world and each other. We blog to give voices to those who do not have them and to boost independent businesses who otherwise can’t afford to advertise in such an effective way.

I’m going to start ignoring the negatives and remembering why I really started blogging which was to voice my opinions, give voice to others, promote a positive feminist vibe & just have fun writing. How about you?


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  1. I totally sit with you on this, I don’t ever review stuff unless it’s stuff I actually think I’d like and even if it turns out I don’t enjoy it I’ll be honest about the product. I think it’s tough with my content because it is so focused on theatre so that’s lots of reviews but I’m beginning to play with some more themes and ideas recently, it’s more fun that way! Great post and thoughts as always lovely!



  2. I completely agree. Blogging should be a fun hobby, I use it as a way to unwind and like to read others posts. I have quite often stopped reading blogs where the focus has changed from a little bit of fun to constant reviews of products that are added into random un-associated posts. There’s one blog I’m reading which sadly is starting to go this way and I don’t think I’ll be reading it for much longer. Keep up the good work, there are still small time bloggers out there doing it for fun as it should be 😊

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