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Some of you may seen on social media a last month that I went through a pretty shitty break up. It was unexpected and kinda heartbreaking.

I felt like somebody had died. Days went past that felt like static. The world continued to move around me and I was frozen in a state of shock. But I didn’t have much time to mope, I had to organise somewhere else to move in to, arrange all the mess that he’d left me in. And I bloody well did. I found a beautiful new flat, had the support of my wonderful family and friends and got myself straight back up on my feet.

I had to look at the positives; I had missed having time alone to be creative. I become lazy in relationships and focus so much of my energy on that person that I forget about self-care and housework and blogging. I am inherently an introvert and I miss so much having time to recharge between social events and work which means when I get a few minutes to myself I would usually spend it recharging. Being single means I can have the time to recharge and the time to do all the other things I need to.

I could have let myself be pulled down by resentment and anger and lack of understanding but I asked myself the most important question in life – What is the purpose of this? It’s always worth stepping back from a situation and asking yourself what purpose there is to what you’re doing.  Think about what winding yourself up is going to achieve. Is it not better to accept the face value of the situation than driving yourself mad replaying things over and over in your head?

The Spring is a totally fresh start for me. I started training for my new job role on the 6th, moved into my new flat this weekend and I’m enjoying being newly single and focusing on myself for once in my life.
I’m not going to pretend the break up didn’t break me because it totally did, but being broken doesn’t mean you can’t move onward and upwards.


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  1. Well done Rebecca, you should be really proud of how you have dealt with this massive setback. You have a lot of reasons to be positive, today really is the first day of the rest of your life and the outlook is good. x


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