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For the new year I wanted to de-clutter and simplify my life. You may have seen my post Making Space and some of my other minimalist posts floating around. I decided to take a few lessons from the infamous Netflix documentary and run with it. I have now downsized to a flat, it has a lovely minimalist aesthetic but I still have quite a few possessions which I love in my space (like my plants & books.) So I’ve created my own picture of minimalism and I am really bloody happy with it.

I still keep a capsule wardrobe with a total of 50 pieces including coats, scarves, bags and shoes and I’m just about to rotate my Spring pieces in which is exciting! I’ve also managed to go three months having only bought one item of clothing; a big cosy Adidas jumper to replace my one which had gone bobbly and shrunk in the wash a bit. I’ve also  been getting thrifty when it comes to replacing my Docs and Kanken bag by selling the old ones for a very similar value to what I paid for the new ones.

My friend Maz from uni released this hilarious little book entitled Emo Diary. It’s such a nostalgic read and I know that I would have been such good friends with her if we’d known each other in our teens. You can also check out her Twitter account which started it all here.

I managed to lose my beloved Gotes & Totes Feminist pin off my (faux) leather jacket and I was distraught. I didn’t want to pay for another one out of the principal of buying the same thing twice but I noticed an Instagram post about a Giveaway for them. I didn’t win the Giveaway but the owner of Goats & Totes messaged me saying she’d seen my comment about losing mine so she was sending me another one for free. It’s proudly back on my leather jacket with the rest of my lovely little pins, thank you Rachel!

In late January I interviewed for a different role at work with much better pay and hours and I managed to get it. I had to survive one final month in my current job but I started the new role on the 6th and I’m now most of the way through my training for it. We got to go and spend half a week in the head office in Bexhill which was loads of fun and gave us time to bond with the external candidates in our training group as well as learn more about the business and the steps to further our careers. We also ate far too much steak! I still have a week left of training but I’m so excited to just get stuck in with the role…. and the pay rise is a god send too!

I also had my heart broken this year. It fucking sucked. It was out of the blue and without reason and put me in a bit of a sticky situation as we were due to move in together five days later. Still, I pulled myself back up on my feet and got myself a sweet little two bed flat right near work in the city centre. I’ve furnished it all beautifully and I feel so at home and content and like I can finally get on with growing as a person. There were definitely big positives to the breakup and my friendships/relationships with family are so much stronger now.


I ‘ V E   B E E N   R E A D I N G 

+ Tank Girl Gold – Martin & Parson

+ Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

+ Milk & Honey – Rupi Kaur

+ Minimalism, Live a Meaningful Life – Joshua Fields Millburn

+ Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

+ Moranthology – Caitlin Moran

+ Enough – John Naish


 I ‘ V E   B E E N   L I S T E N I N G   T O 

+ Ed Sheeran – Divide

+ Bonobo – Migrations

+ The XX – I See You

+ Banks – The Altar

+ Basement – Promise Everything


I ‘ V E   B E E N   W A T C H I N G 

+ Santa Clarita Diet

+ Ashley Madison; Sex, Lies & Cyber Attacks

+  A Series of Unfortunate Events

+ Crazy Ex Girlfriend (Season 2)


How’s the first quarter of 2017 been for you? 





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