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Poor old millennials, we wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for Netflix, Cadburys and our hot water bottles but more importantly; well, access to proper sanitary products and education about periods. It’s something we all take for granted and even though we still have issues as a first world country with educating our young girls and the tampon tax but there are quite literally millions of women and girls worldwide who are unable to continue their lives at all during their periods.

Here are sixteen thoughts a (first world) girl has whilst on the blob… bloody bastard body eh?

+ I JUST CAME ON. Yep I did, wow I am scarily accurate

+ Goodbye favourite pants

+ Why is my skin trying to be a teenager?? That spot is like a second head. “Hi guys meet my conjoined twin Sally the spot”, no thanks

+ Good morning world oh ffs good morning blood stained bed sheet

+ Why is all the coffee not waking me up?? Give me a mocha with an extra three shots pls

+ There are all kindsa pains in my womb right now… am I giving birth?! What is this fresh hell?

+ How have females been going through the shit for the whole of existence??? and why can’t I handle something so basic??

+ Okay so somehow it feels like I’ve got a tampon in when I definitely don’t and maybe my vagina just swallowed the whole thing and I’m dying of TSS and that’s why this is so painful…

+ How do women in third world countries deal with this without all the Dairy Milk, painkillers and safe products?

+ Okay I can handle this. lol JK

+ Give me carbs and cheese and chocolate all day long, I’m pst caring

+ I look like a beached whale. All the bloating

+ I just need my mermaid blanket and ten hours in front of Netflix

+ WOW how does this corner shop only stock JUMBO pads?! This feels like a freaking nappy

+ It’s almost over! I’ll be safe in these lovely new white french knickers. Yup




So coming back to my point about women in third world countries, have you guys heard of YOUR HAPPY PERIOD? A company dedicated to providing education and resources to less fortunate girls who otherwise would have to take time out of school because of their period. Isn’t that the most messed up kinda situation?? I can’t even imagine how life would be if I didn’t have Feminax let alone the bare essentials like sanitary towels!

Your Happy Period works on a subscription basis, where you set up monthly payments and receive a custom box in line with your cycle. The box is designed to fit through your letter box and even though I have endless problems getting parcels delivered, this tiny little thing actually fit into my postbox!

Each box is delivered just before your due date and contains a selection of different sizes pre-chosen by you to suit your period and this means you no longer have to buy multiple boxes of different tampon sizes (especially handy if you only need 1 or 2 different sized ones a month!)

All of Yoppie’s tampons are made from 100% organic cotton so when you buy a box, you are not only are you helping out a sister in a developing country but you’re also doing less harm to the environment and ensuring you give your body the best of the best.


What do you think of the Your Happy Period ethos? Do you think their business model is one we can all get on board with? Leave a comment below…


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