This post has been in the works since the end of March and I’ve now I’ve actually got round to really sorting out my Spring wardrobe update I can finally share it with you all!

Here’s what’s new…


The Fjallraven (don’t ask me to how to pronounce that) Kanken rucksacks are fantastic quality and I bought a mini black one in summer last year however I wasn’t getting a great deal of use out of it as it was so small! After buying a new laptop that I wanted to be able to take out and about, I sold my mini black Kanken on eBay for £45 and bought this full sized one in khaki for £46. Essentially it cost me the effort of going to the post office, £1 in eBay fees and a few minutes a work for the extra quid … good deal eh? It’s the perfect size for carrying my laptop, purse, kindle and any other bits I need for the day but it can also be rammed full of stuff without the straps going weak. It’s a really great investment and I’ve been using it every single day since buying it.




The classic Breton, an absolute staple in a minimalist wardrobe! I bought a couple of Bretons a while back but I chose price over quality and settled on some Primark ones which shrunk in the wash and lasted just a couple of months. This one is from the ‘Conscious’ range at H&M, is much better quality and just seems to fit so so much better than it’s cheaper predecessors.





I also did something kinda similar with my docs and put my old ones on eBay. I only paid £15 in a charity shop for them (about 9 years ago!) but they’re worth selling on as they’re still in good condition. I got these gorgeous vegan Doc Marten shoes which I didn’t realise how much time I’d have to invest in – these little bastards kill your feet the first few wears. I wasn’t quite prepared as I’d had second hand docs before and I ended up getting a taxi the rest of the way to work after they starting slashing my feet up… so glam. After wearing them round the house with slipper socks and plenty of plasters on hand, I’ve finally worn them in and they’re my favourite shoes for in work and out of work!


It was about time I replaced my old Adidas jumper (it shrunk in the wash and went pretty bobbly) so I picked this one up in JD. I really like how it’s a jumper rather than a hoodie but still has a pocket through the middle. The pastel sleeves make it great for Spring and it’s not super thick or heavy. I picked up a size 12 this time just in case it does shrink in the wash again (I dried it at the launderette before, bad idea) so for the meantime it’s really oversized and 80’s looking, I even managed to make £20 selling the old one on eBay so the new jumper was half paid for.



I’ve been dying for fishnets to come back into fashion and I really love how everyone’s styling them at the moment with ripped jeans. I don’t think I’ll be wearing them much during the summer because I don’t want the worlds weirdest tan lines on my legs but now I’ve replaced my ripped jeans, I’ve been rocking this combo A LOT.



I’ve been wearing a pair of black slim trousers to work for a while and I really love the way they look slightly rolled up at the bottom with my Docs but they recently broke (the zip went completely) and I’ve been needing a replacement. This time I went for a more simple Chino style which will go with everything. I used to hate trying to dress for the office but I think I’ve finally found my style when in comes to work wear and I can even twist in an element of grunge with the docs and my tattooed ankles out. You can’t take the punk out the girl!



I’m not going to lie, this one was kinda an impulse purchase. I was browsing Instagram and I came across someone wearing this top and they’d tagged the company. I clicked through to their site to find it was on £6.95 and since my wardrobe had actually dropped below 33 items (due to wear and tear on a few favourite pieces) I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add a pop of colour and make this purchase. No regrets at all as I love wearing it and I love that it promotes girl power! You can grab one over at Tricky Ink.


Are you doing Project 333 or 10 x 10? How have you updated your wardrobe this Spring?


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all photos by Rebecca Claire, (Sony Xperia X, edited with VSCO) // all rights reserved



  1. I love Fjallraven bags, but I can never say/spell it either hence why I had to copy/paste! I’m moving back to Gibraltar next month and have to fit my whole flat into 3 suitcases so no spring shopping for me 😦
    G x


  2. I LOVE these! The fishnets and jeans are super popular over here now – I saw a girl wearing a white combo the other day and it looked amazing. Also, I saw another one wearing fishnets and shorts with Converse. I’d love to be able to pull it off!
    Also, DOC MARTENS YES PLEASE. I’ve wanted some for so long and I missed my chance to go to the outlet store near my home in the UK before I moved away! They have a store here though, so I may have to save up and treat myself when the summer is over!


    1. You’d definitely be able to pull it off! It’s such a versatile look and it doesn’t have to be black on black, like you said there’s always white/black/grey combos with fishnets and jeans that look great too.
      You definitely need to invest in some docs they are honestly the best shoes to go with every outfit and they are so damn comfy!! Mine are the vegan ‘for life’ ones so you can take them in for repair for the rest of your life and never have to replace them :)


      1. YES, I loved the white fishnets and white jeans that I saw that girl in. Maybe I’ll give it a go sometime!
        Wow, that’s such a good setup! I’d not heard of that before. Maybe I’ll look into those instead of the standard ones!


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