you are enough;

i used to read those words
and think romance
i thought they were for someone truly loved
what a nice thing to say
to your other half
how sweet that they are the only thing
needed to make another person happy
i wanted to be able to say
and i wanted to mean it when i said
you are enough

i was so wrong to believe
that the cracks in my soul
needed to be healed by anything
but the hands of a clock and radical self love
i didn’t know i could fix them
so tried filling them with thick black smoke
and cheap sambuca
and men who pretended to care about me
if only someone had explained that phrase
you are enough

why only let drugs and fake love
leak through rips and tears
when you don’t even have to stay broken
you can close the gaps, you can be whole
you can lose yourself and then find yourself again
tangle yourself in adventure, in friendship
and in another good soul
fall in love with yourself first
because you don’t need anyone else to tell you
you are enough


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all photos by Rebecca Claire, (Sony Xperia X, edited with VSCO) // all rights reserved



  1. You are enough all by yourself, and the other “good soul” that you tangle yourself in should only add good things on top of your ‘enough-ness’. You don’t need someone else to complete you.
    Looooove this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This.
    You are enough are the most important words that actually being said to you by someone else mean absolutely nothing, you have to tell yourself and really believe it yourself.


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