the last thing i want
is to fuck this up
like i always do
i want you to only see
the best parts of me

i don’t want you to know about
the dark and treacherous caves
of bi polar and self hate
that creep in
at 3am on a sunday

i don’t want you to see
the way i hurt myself for so long
or the torment
i put myself through
because i couldn’t stop the pain

i’m not sure if i want you to know why
i am so infatuated with
my new found self confidence
or why i can’t trust a soul
in the world

i just want you to see me
in twenty seventeen
dancing in the street
and not giving a fuck
about opinions

i just want you to know me
the way i am
now that the hurt has stopped
me on a good day
me when the storm is over


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– photos by Rebecca Claire, –
– Samsung Galaxy S8 – VSCO –
– all rights reserved –



  1. Strong words! I don’t often read poetry and I never write it, but I like this. I feel like we can all feel a little of ourselves in it. Only wanting others to see the good bits,

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