If you saw my recent post WHAT IS PRIVILEGE then you’ll know I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how others abuse their privilege. Certain groups live a very sheltered existence where they aren’t forced to think about equality or fair treatment because they are protected by their privilege and some people within these groups go further in that they fight the equality movement because they feel kinda butt hurt about how it affects them.  What I’ve been trying to understand is…why

A close blogging friend of mine (Vick of SirVikalot, who btw is fucking slaying it right now) wrote recently in a post on fitness marketing that “if we start treating every body the same regardless of its size, shape or health status those with smaller bodies no longer have a privilege and to some losing their privilege feels like discrimination.” and her words really resonated in me. She has it so spot on in this and we can apply this idea to A HELLA LOT things.

A prime example of loss in privilege caused by a rise in equality can be seen in reactions to the Labour Party’s policy of increasing the percentage of tax paid by the extremely wealthy. A concept which is very Robin Hood; take from the rich and give to the poor (and btw Robin Hood was a fuckin badass.) A lot of people argue that the extremely weathy deserve to pay the same percentage of tax as the rest of us because they worked hard for their money therefore deserve it. This is problematic for SO MANY reasons but more relevantly, it is also a fight against a loss in privilege.

Similar to this we have seen a rise in a group of men who call themselves ‘Meninists’, a group of butthurt privileged men who believe that they are the opressed gender. Fighting against a movement who is fighting for equality is similar to fighting for a white supremicist group which in my eyes is disgusting. I get that men suffer from gender inequality too but the majority of this is caused by the opression of women which backfires onto men rather than men being the ones who are directly opressed.

I feel like a lot of the men “fighting the meninist movement” are more kicking up a fuss about their loss in privilege than the actual inequalities in gender. They don’t like the field being levelled and they want to do anything they can to stop it. If you google the meaning of meninist it is defined as not being a serious movement, rather being a joke that parodies the feminist movement… and that in itself is just sad. It’s sad to see a group actively fighting equality of the sexes, trying to counteract all the incredible achievements of the gender equality movement.

As human beings, our brains tell us things, they even trick us into beleiving something as a defence method… the way Hitler and Putins brains tell them they’re being a good person so they can cope with the disgusting actions they committed. Our brain will tell us that we worked hard for our achievements and because we didn’t see the struggles others went through, we worked harder for our merits that anybody else did. And that is sometimes why those with privilege don’t believe they have privilege; because they worked hard for what they have.

To put male privilege to the test, a study was carried out which discovered that male pupils were still recieving more attention in the classroom to female students. When the teachers actively equalised this (thus giving equal attention to male and female students), the male students felt like they were being ignored. In actuality all was happening was them losing their privilege. This is what loss of privilege feels like to white people, to men, to those who don’t experience discrimination; they get treated as an equal and because they’re not used to it, they feel like the opressed group.

I’ll leave you with this common quote that sums it all up oh so well…



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  1. The leaders of the National Organization for Women used their privilege to deny voting rights to any NOW member who cannot travel to Florida for 2017’s national conference. Only conference attendees can vote for the next president and vice-president of NOW. Are you going to complain about privileged feminist leaders?
    Perhaps you should investigate why the members of NOW are willing to let privileged NOW leaders take their voting rights away from them.


    1. As somebody who isn’t a member of said organisation, I’m wondering why you’re questioning me on this? I don’t agree with any organisation asking people to travel in order to make a democratic decision as it doesn’t reflect true democracy when only those privileged enough to afford the travel can vote…


  2. Im not sure how I missed that post from Vik but shes said exactly what I have been feeling for so long and yet so more elegantly than I would have put it. For the record, butthurt is probably my favourite word. I spend far too much of my time yelling CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE at my computer screen.


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