I often state that people who vote Conservative are pricks, cunts, idiots, wankers, morons, arseholes and so on. I almost always get the same reaction from people which is something along the lines of “it’s just a political opinion, it doesn’t define who they are” but I think that’s wrong and here’s why.

Your political opinion is your opinion on pretty much everything. It’s your opinion on how other people should be treated. It’s your opinion on public services like education and health care, it’s your opinion on others’ rights, it’s your opinion on how we treat the disadvantaged and the less-able, it’s your entire moral fibre.

When that moral belief conflicts with other people’s safety and well-being, it isn’t just an opinion, it is pretty damn definitive of who you are as a person and those voting against other people’s rights are just plain ARSEHOLES.

Whether or not pineapple is an acceptable pizza topping is an opinion, but whether or not those less fortunate should die from lack of healthcare is not. Just as those who spread racism and other forms of discrimination are not just voicing their opinion but are interfering with others’ lives.

A vote for the Tories is not only a vote against someone else’s rights but also a vote for austerity, division and inequality. A vote for the Conservatives from your average working class Brit is a vote against their own interest. It’s a vote for the rich to remain rich and the rest of us to be fucked over. It’s a vote for believing the trashy papers and propaganda and for abolition of public services which we rely on.

Those who didn’t read this year’s manifestos voted based on their social media feeds, news sources and gossip. They voted on lies. But nobody can vote on the truth because we rely on media to tell us the facts and sadly, we don’t often get that (to an extent as some are sensible enough to read the Independent as they’re the least biased paper with no political agenda or funding.) But unless we have a degree in economics we don’t really understand budgets and taxes and the bigger picture. What we can do however is vote for policy and anyone who reads the manifestos can see a clear and definitive difference in the policies laid out.

The Tory policies were pro fox hunting, anti equality and contained no budget at all. The Labour manifesto accounted for every penny of the tax payers money and promoted a fairer and more equal Britain. Strong and stable my ass, May.

I’m writing this post on Polling day and tomorrow our country’s citizens will have chosen either a great party, a great leader and a great manifesto or another few years of dismantling our public services. I hope we chose right and if we didn’t I hope we lost a few Tory seats which is an achievement in itself.

But those who voted for May should feel personally responsible for the homelessness on our streets, poverty for our vulnerable citizens and ever growing class gap.


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  1. I agree that your political opinions say a lot about you as a person but within each political party there are people with vastly different opinions. There are people in the Labour Party with far more right wing views on certain issues than some people in the Tory party.
    I get what you’re saying that in this election it was clear what manifesto you were voting for etc but I think it’s a bit of a blanket statement to say if you voted Tory you’re a dick. I know a Labour Party member up here who voted for the Tory candidate because he was the only person who had a shot against the SNP. It’s the same in the area I grew up, it went blue against the SNP. People’s party allegiance only goes some of the way to describe their political opinions and who they are as a person.

    V ❤️


    1. Agreed that it is quite a blanket statement… there are some people who don’t actually believe in the Tory manifesto but wanted May to lead us through Brexit… but look where that’s got us. I just think the two leading parties were so black and white this time round that it’s hard not to judge people on their decision to vote for the evil side. xx


  2. I have to agree with this! I know everyone has the right to express their opinions etc. but when it comes to stuff like this I believe it also says a lot about who you are as a person, especially when people I know have come up with some moronic and ignorant comments, makes me see them differently! xx




  3. You know this is why we are friends. I recently unfollowed “an entrepreneur” who stated the reason she was voting Tory was because of how unfair it is that labour want to take tax from the hard working. From what I can see this thin white, pretty girl with a blog gets a lot of her followers from talking shit while including pretty pictures of herself. She has no concept of how much privelige she has from being a straight, thin, pretty, white girl born to white straight English parents who have had the money to support her dreams.


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