I am so in love with this band right now! They’re badass as fuck and have a bit of a Rage Against the Machine vibe about them especially in their song Touch Me Again where it finishes with the repeated line TOUCH ME AGAIN AND I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU. Other tracks include False Peace and Phallocentric (an angry track that says nothing short of fuck the patriarchy!)

They’re also named after a group of women who supposedly threw petrol bombs in protest of their government in Paris in the 1800’s – also badass.

Their album Talk of Violence is now available on Vinyl as well as digital download and Spotify… I’m going to be picking up the record on payday for sure!


If you’re not a fan of the heavy sound of Petrol Girls then perhaps this indie three-piece will be more up your street. They’re much softer but they’re focusing on the same important issues and every single song on their album is KILLER. My obsession started when I listened to their track ‘Dump Your Boyfriend’ and when I heard the rest of the album I fell in love with their witty, sassy lyrics and catchy choruses.

These are also available on Spotify/for download for those who are interested, sadly no vinyl plans have been announced yet.


This appropriately named three piece band have been on repeat since I discovered them. I actually found them because their singer was on First Dates and started talking about how she was in a modern day Riot Grrl band and I just HAD to check them out. They sing about Corbyn being our saviour, unwarranted dick pics and how much they hate the Tories so they are 100% relevant right now!

Their debut album We’re Not Ovaryacting is available to listen to on iTunes and Spotify.


Discovered from Spotify, I first hear their track Siri, Open Tinder and got totally addicted to the catchy tune and lyrical genius (I’ve been singing it in my head all morning at work but not out loud because my colleagues will question why I’m singing about swiping left to dick pics!) I’m not a huge fan of their name or album cover but their sound is too good to care.

Their latest album Women’s Rights is available for steaming and download, go check them out!


These are my newest discovery on this list and I’ve only been listening a week or so after coming across their track Womanarchist. These are about half way between Petrol Girls and The Tuts; they’re not too heavy but they’re not indie-pop by any stretch of the imagination; the vocals are rough, the chords are chuggy and the lyrics are feminist as fuck.

Their album Not Sorry came out in 2015 and their latest album is out tomorrow! You can stream the first four singles from 2017 now.

I’ve also created a 300-track playlist where you can listen to all the best feminist & female bands, click here to listen on Spotify.



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