In the last decade social media has grown from being an occasional thing to something that literally consumes some people’s lives. Young people  Everyone is becoming more and more obsessed with keeping up with social updates and people are even glued to their phones whilst driving or walking to the point where it becomes dangerous. If you sit on a train or in the pub or anywhere in public you’ll notice that people are no longer communicating with one another verbally, instead they are hypnotised by this little portable screen in their hand. IT’S LIKE NINETEEN BLOODY EIGHTY FOUR UP IN HERRE.

In reality though, as much as I hate this culture… I am a part of it. I own a smartphone and a laptop and an iPad and I spend more than enough time using them. But what I don’t ever want to let happen is for all this social media to influence my thinking. I don’t want to allow it to break my self confidence or make me feel shitty about myself like it does to so many others. I don’t want to live in a culture where we let ourselves become jealous or feel guilty for not living the beautiful dreamy life instagram tells us to live.

I want to be free from the reigns of social media.

It’s an easy trap to fall into; jealousy and guilt are natural when we’re bombarded with perfect images of other people’s tanned legs and fruity cocktails all summer. What we need to understand is that what we see on social media is the same as what we see in movies… it’s not real, it’s a highlight reel.

When you see a perfect selfie on Instagram and think *GOD HOW CAN ANYONE WAKE UP LOOKING LIKE THAT* you’ve got to remember that the individual who’s posted that photo likely taken approximately 28 selfies that weren’t good enough before they posted the one you’ve seen. This probably applies to their breakfast or that gorgeous beach shot or the little OOTD photoshoot you saw too.

Social media like any media is filtered. We only see what those posting choose for us to see and that often means the imperfections and bad days and issues of the person posting are often omitted and they create a timeline that they can be proud to share publicly.

Summer is an especially difficult time for those who aren’t as social or active even wealthy as others. Our feeds are adorned with beautiful holiday snaps, traditionally “beach ready” bodies, sunkissed tans and basically anything that can make anyone else jealous of someone else’s lifestyle. But what about those of us who can’t afford a holiday? Or those who feel uncomfortable unconvering their skin in the warm weather so choose to stay indoors?  Or those who simply don’t enjoy the warm weather as much?

Don’t be ashamed or jealous that your social media feeds don’t look as glamourous as others though, get out there are enjoy your life in an unapologetic, uninfluenced, pure way. Don’t do or buy something just so you can share it on social media and most importantly; stop caring about what others post vs what you post.

When we stop caring about appearing a certain way on social media and stop following others so closely, a weight feels lifted. We all spend so much time fussing over statistics and followers and likes that we forget to just create things unapologetically.


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– Samsung Galaxy S8 – VSCO –
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