Peak adulthood;

that time when you’ve lived on your own long enough that you know your shit and are childless and hard working enough to enjoy all the first few years of adulting in peace.

1. House/flat parties become a thing again because going out makes most of you feel old and the rest of you behave like animals. Plus it’s hella more sensible to stay in and drink like civilised grown ups than to go out and smash other people’s glasses and dodge the advances of 20 year old gym monkeys with tribal tattoos.

2. You actually give a shit about your credit score and fully panic if you’re even a day late paying a bill because if you drop another few points your credit score will be ‘Average’ and nobody with an average credit score ever got a good rate on a mortgage right?

3. You value skincare over beauty products. The days of piling on foundation, sleeping in makeup and cleansing with a quick make up wipe are long gone. In adulthood it’s all about that daily bedtime skincare routine and that weekly face mask applied with an actual applicator because aint nobody got time for face mask wastage and messy hands. It’s 2017 people ffs.

4. You actually put aside ’emergency money’ for those times when you’ve got past the point of desperation and need some doh before you start eating cereal for dinner and reusing tea bags. It’s the greatest thing you ever did.

5. You talk about young people like they’re an alien race and sometimes you feel like they are one. You hear two teenagers talking in Lidl and now you no longer feel down with the kids as they talk to themselves in what can only be presumed another language. AND just anybody under 21 in general seems like they come from another planet because they are just so not on your wavelength and so you come to realise that you have SO much more in common with the over 35s and you’ve officially crossed the line of adult.

6. You purchase underwear that’s comfortable. Gone are the days of ridiculous G strings and lacey little bra’s that pop a nip every five minutes. You’re now living in the ultimate comfort of fresh cotton granny undies and sports bras that give you the support you really need. Good adulting.

7. You stop caring quite how much about what other people think of you. In fact, there comes a time when you really just don’t give a shit any more. Things that used to be embarassing when you were younger become a breeze. Like turning around in the middle of the street because you realise you forgot something or walking through town with zero makeup and pineapple hair… no qualms.

8. You wake up two hours before you have to leave for work so you can do adulty things like ironing your shirt and making the bed and catching up on emails. Who have you become?

9. Your younger friends/siblings come to you for advice on adulty things like broadband and insurance and council tax. You know the deal by now, you know your rights as a consumer and you sure know how to make a hella effective complaint when something goes wrong. GO YOU.

10. You are finally happy with yourself. I think there’s a moment in your mid twenties where you just become satisfied in yourself; you know who you are and what you want and there’s no more of this ‘finding yourself’ bullshit you go through in your early twenties (and you can actually keep on top of your housework.) I know where I’m heading and I know how to get there; Mama didn’t raise no fool.  


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