Jealousy is possibly the ugliest trait a person can have. It shines out of you in the way you speak about others. It makes you bitter and angry and sometimes nasty. It is insidious and detrimental to your own well-being.

In a world where we post our every move to social media we also consume images of extravagant and expensive lifestyles. We oggle over make-up hauls and the perfect leather jacket and other people’s beach babe hot-dog legs. We obsess with the material and becoming as beautiful or as confident as somebody else.

We also obsess over making our Insta grid look perfect to those who see it. This is down to our built in desire to be accepted and envied by others. But to the conscious millennial, what does making other jealous achieve?

When did we all start believe advertising when it told us were weren’t good enough? Co-operations make their money off your own lack of self esteem, want to be accepted and jealousy of others. In other words, jealousy will mould you into the exact type of consumer that advertisers want to get their hands on. They want you desperate to be at the top of the game, hooked to the latest release and addicted to the thrill of getting tons of instagram likes.

When we begin to acknowledge our own jealousy and see straight through it, we can then start learning to eliminate the feeling from our repertoire…


As hard as it might be, a sure fire way to stop yourself from being jealous is to stop looking. It’s easy to get obsessed with looking at somebody’s social media pages if they make you jealous and it’s something I used to be really bad at when I was younger; I’d check an my boyfriend’s ex’s page 15 times a day because she was so much prettier and cooler than me that I just HATED her. What was I thinking???


I might seem like a bit of a bitch but I don’t really bother looking at other people’s social media posts that much. I have a few close friends who’s insta’s I’ll check up on and I’m a number of comment/like pods for social media but I don’t waste time scrolling through my feed and that’s because I’d rather create than consume. I love sharing photos I’ve taken or spouting my words of wisdom on twitter but I feel like I could become caught up in an endless loop if I tried to keep up with everyone else’s posts. Selfish? Maybe. But at the end of the day it’s my time and it’s my mental health.


When I started getting into minimalism I really started making a conscious effort to avoid adverts. I’ll literally look away when an ad plays on an app or mute the TV when All4 goes on a mad three minute advert bonanza. I can’t stand it. I even find myself accidentally liking sponsored posts on instagram and unliking them immedietely. I hate how insidious adverts are in this day and age and I won’t let them get to me.


We’ve all done it, made a negative comment or had a negative thought about someone else just because we are jealous of them. But instead of being bitter, acknowledge that you are just jealous. Why are you jealous? Can you realistically attain whatever it is you’re jealous of? No? Then forget it. Don’t wind yourself up wanting something you can’t have.


Boost others up because actually, you might be jealous of somebody else’s achievement because YES GO GIRL YOU’RE DOING WELL and there’s nothing wrong with that. Part of ending girl hate lies in uplifting each other and understanding that other girls are not our competition but rather part of our team. Her success is not your failure.


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