Why UKIP Are Not Only Xenophobic, But Essentially Idiotic

Thirty six percent? Thirty six fucking percent!? I am in utter disbelief at the state of our political economy this morning as the BBC releases information that the “turnout looks set to be about 36%” in favour of Nigel Farage’s band of morons. After a surge of negative responses to the hashtag #whyimvotingukip on Twitter in the last few days, I was beginning to feel some relief that British nationals weren’t all racist, xenophobic bigots, but I guess I was somewhat deluded. As a party fundamentally based on right-wing nationalism, I am horrified that they had even been considered as a serious option for some Brits. But I guess that with The Sun and The Daily Mail spouting xenophobic propaganda left, right and centre, it’s not all that surprising that some people have fallen into the trap. You can read my previous thoughts on UKIP (May 2013) here. 

Britain is frightened. Some news sources have hyped up and overestimated the state of immigration as of recent years, but with no proof of the wave of Bulgarians and Romanians that were allegedly flocking to Britain, it seems it was all hysteria.  The UK Independence Party’s (UKIP)  main focus is to remove Britain from the European Union, something which allows us to freely emigrate within Europe, attract foreign investment and trade freely among other things. UKIP argues that the EU is taking away the ‘power’ of Britain and ultimately stands by the idea that allowing immigration strips us of our resources, jobs and free health care (something UKIP would be taking away should they be voted in, but we’ll get back to that). Their website states “Immigrants must financially support themselves and their dependents for 5 years. This means private health insurance (except emergency medical care), private education and private housing – they should pay into the pot before they take out of it.” (found here) What I find ridiculous about this precise statement is the outright suggestion that immigrants are taking from ‘us’ what is rightfully ‘ours’ and that they are already taking more than they give; which funnily enough is what British nationals are doing. It was pointed out to me by Ben’s brother that “The findings, which were reached using figures from the British Labour Force Survey, also showed that people from the European Economic Area (EEA – the EU plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) contributed 34% more in taxes than they received in benefits in the decade to 2011. Those from outside the EEA contributed 2% more in taxes than they received in the same period, the report showed. Yet British people paid 11% less in tax than they received during the same period. It also found that in 2011, 32% of recent EEA immigrants and 43% of non-EEA immigrants had university degrees, compared with 21% of the British adult population.” (source: Sky News) Hereby showing that immigrants do a lot more for this country than Brits.

With all the attention on their main cause, it’s hard to remember that there are other policies put forward by the party at all. In their manifesto, UKIP refer to their policies as “common sense policies”, a nice little phrase to play with the minds of the politically uneducated, I wonder what Orwell would have to say about this? Here’s a few of them that you may find interesting:

The Monarchy

UKIP fully support the Monarchy. If you haven’t heard of the monarchy, they’re like this family who lives off benefits but they’re mega rich. Yeah I said it.

Cuts on Corporation Taxes

Britain already loses billions of pounds every year to off-shore tax evasion, a type of tax evasion committed by big corporations like Vodafone and Topshop. In order to pay a phenomenally lower percentage of tax, these companies open offices in countries with much lower tax bracket, often manning them with as little as one member of staff. This is something that if it were cut down on, could hugely decrease the deficit. But of course, UKIP want to cut the taxes for these multi-million pound companies which means less money in the bank for Britain.

What Climate Change?

Unlike my favourite party (green of course), UKIP are entirely skeptical of man-made climate change and actively dismiss it’s existence. They oppose investment in solutions to climate change and investment in renewable energy sources.

Health Cuts

What was it I was saying about health care earlier? UKIP made claims that immigrants were ravaging our free health care system, which, if it were up to them, we wouldn’t have anyway. They propose to make even more cuts to our health care system, and at this rate we won’t have one at all.

Same Sex ‘Marriage’ 

UKIPs David Coburn argued that same sex legal partnerships should not be called ‘marriage’ as it ruins the sanctity and connotation across all religious institutions; what a time for them to decide they care about other religions!

It seems they are essentially void of any policies that I find vaguely agreeable or commonsense. What are your views on the election turnout? Are you as angry as I am?




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